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Flash Sale: Get 15% off the RTL Complete Collection with code RTLCOMPLETE15.
Top Corporate Training Trends in 2021

Top Corporate Training Trends in 2021

Companies throughout the nation have been swift to adopt and accept the necessity of remote work. With many businesses going completely online, it’s caused a huge shift in the way the employees do their jobs, interact with others, and learn. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date on the top corporate training trends in 2021. These will help your team and business keep up with the ever-changing corporate world.

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Continuous Training vs One-Off Training

In today’s fast-paced world, industry standards, skills, and techniques are ever-evolving. That’s why it’s imperative to focus on continuous training rather than one-off training sessions in 2021. If you want your team to improve their skills to match these rapid shifts, continuous training will push them to keep evolving and growing. Plus, continuous training shows employees that you’re dedicated to their career development, which can help to improve employee retention rates.


Another training trend to adopt in 2021 is the use of micro-learning. Micro-learning consists of dividing and teaching a topic in short, segmented pieces. Usually, a section is approximately 5-minutes long and focuses on a specific outcome.

Micro-learning is extremely useful, because it breaks down the overall training into manageable, digestible pieces that are easy to retain. Plus, employees can complete sections at their own pace, and the learning outcomes are often instantly applicable to the job at hand. This format of learning makes the information simple to understand and is flexible enough to easily fit into your team’s busy schedules.

Virtual Game-Based Training

One problem that remote trainers often face is keeping participants engaged throughout a virtual session. A simple way to combat this issue is with the use of game-based training. Training games require participants to pay close attention and participate rather than sit idly behind their screens.

You can use virtual game-based training in several ways. First, games can be incorporated into your overall training session as a way to break it up, help transition from one topic to the next, and/or re-energize the group. Or, you can use games as a standalone training session that focuses on one particular topic. When you use game-based training as a standalone technique, it also gives your team a low-stress reason to connect, bond, and interact with one another from the comfort of their homes.

Immersive Learning

Including immersive learning activities throughout your virtual training sessions is crucial. In the fast-paced world of 2021, people don’t have time to waste, so you want to ensure you showcase how the material directly relates to participants’ jobs.

For instance, scenario-based training is an immersive method that tests how employees would react in real-life situations. This is a great way for participants to connect with and see the value in the material. They’ll also gain knowledge on how to improve the techniques they use in a given scenario.

Immersing employees in mock scenarios offers a few additional benefits as well. It serves as a great way to sensitize participants to certain topics, helps them see situations from different perspectives, and simplifies complex ideas.

Increased Emphasis on Analytics

Virtual training is a relatively new concept with room to be tweaked and perfected. The best way to continue to improve your training methods in 2021—and determine if your team is benefiting from your training—is by putting an increased emphasis on analytics.

Luckily, online assessments make gaining analytical data easier than ever before. Virtual assessments can be distributed instantaneously to every employee, and you’ll receive participants’ results instantly as well. Virtual assessment programs such as the HRDQ Online Assessment Center keep data centrally organized and simple to manage, and test scores are produced automatically.

You can even track the progress and completion of each employee to ensure all results are in before examining the data as a whole. Plus, personalized, full-colored results make it simple for both you and your employees to review the outcomes. Learning more about your training methods and identifying areas of improvement will be essential to keeping up with advances in the workplace in 2021.

Start Virtual Training with HRDQ

We hope these top corporate training trends in 2021 help you stay on top of the latest training needs and techniques. At HRDQ, our live, instructor-led virtual training incorporates these important trends and allows your team to complete training sessions and workshops no matter where they are. Our collaborative and intuitive training programs will help your employees stay engaged, retain valuable information, and function as productively as ever, all while remaining remote. If you’re ready to experience the power of online training, view our virtual classes to get started!

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