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Top HR Assessment Tools from HRDQ

Top HR Assessment Tools from HRDQ

Continual training is crucial to keeping your team sharp. If you’re looking for training materials that are easy to implement, applicable to the workplace, and effective for employee development, consider these top HR assessment tools from HRDQ. We offer specialized training content in every area of organizational life to assist with any of your company’s needs.

HRDQ offers a fully customizable virtual training library, so you can provide specialized training content to your team no matter where they are. Explore the Reproducible Training Library.

HRDQ Assessment Center Subscription

Purchasing the HRDQ Assessment Center Subscription is the easiest way to start with HRDQ. This product will provide your HR team with a bundle of training services, such as unlimited training, group data reports processing, and HRDQ server-side support for an entire year. The subscription offers complete control over the learning process, including everything from distribution and scoring to data management. Plus, the new client account allows up to five administrators, so you can collaborate flawlessly with your HR team when planning and delivering training content.

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What’s My Communication Style?

The What’s My Communication Style? assessment will introduce you to the primary styles of communication and identify the style you prefer to use. Then, you’ll learn to “flex” your style to meet the needs of others. When you master the art of “flexing,” you’ll find that you can convey messages more clearly to your team. Doing so helps to create more attainable goals, eliminate confusion, and make tasks simpler. Having great communication skills is key to ensuring your office runs smoothly and efficiently!

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What’s My Leadership Style?

If you’re looking to improve supervisor leadership skills in your organization, What’s My Leadership Style? is a great HR assessment tool. The 20-question assessment will indicate each participants’ natural leadership style. From there, participants will closely examine the advantages and disadvantages of both their own style and other leadership styles. Then, they’ll learn how to adjust their style to better meet the needs of their team. This assessment will equip participants with the tools they need to best lead their workers in a variety of situations.

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What’s My Style

Help your employees capitalize on their strengths and limit their weaknesses with the What’s My Style assessment. There are four primary work styles—spirited, direct, considerate, and systematic. After participants discover their preferred style, they’ll learn how it affects their interactions and discover ways to improve communication with other personality types. Whether you’re looking to develop your managerial team or kickstart personal growth, this assessment is a great foundation for improving soft skills such as leadership, communication, and team building.

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What’s My Coaching Style?

There’s a difference between coaching and leading. While leading generally involves divvying up work and providing instruction, coaching involves encouraging and mentoring employees to produce their best results. The What’s My Coaching Style assessment can help improve upon this important soft skill. This assessment and workshop helps participants develop an awareness of their behavioral patterns, learn skills to adapt their behavior to others, and identify key techniques to build rapport. By the end of the workshop, participants will have an actionable plan to motivate and inspire their team.

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Personality Style at Work

The way we interact in the office is often much different than how we communicate off the clock. Helping employees understand these unique differences will give them to skills to better express their needs and forge healthy, productive relationships within the office. That’s where the Personality Style at Work assessment comes in. This assessment outlines four primary personality types—direct, spirited, systematic, and considerate. Each type possesses three driving factors that guide an individual’s actions, decisions, and approach to life. Knowing these is crucial for making necessary adjustments to communication in the workplace.

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Team Effectiveness Profile

It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint what’s blocking a group’s effectiveness. The Team Effectiveness Profile can help identify any potential problems that may be standing in the way. This assessment is designed to draw out issues, improve the group’s work output, and increase overall work satisfaction. By orienting teams to areas of improvement, employees can work together to eliminate problems hindering productivity.

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Matrix Manager Inventory

Between dealing with virtual work environments, multi-functional teams, and advances in technology, traditional hierarchical workplaces have become more complicated matrices. In this day and age, “management 101” is no longer sufficient to smoothly run increasingly-complex work environments. To help you navigate your team, consider the Matric Manager Inventory. When you learn how to flex between “command and control” and “influence and collaborate,” you’ll be more equipped to adapt to the fast pace of the modern workplace.

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Start Training with HRDQ Today

These are some of the top HR assessment tools from HRDQ! If you’d like to explore more of our training materials, explore the full HRDQ Reproducible Training Library. This customizable virtual soft skills library is perfect for assessing and developing your team in a way that’s easy to distribute, track, and organize. View our available titles to find the best training content for your team!

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