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Top Personality Assessment Tools from HRDQ

Top Personality Assessment Tools from HRDQ

In order for a workplace to thrive, your employees need to get along with one another, communicate effectively, and have the tools to combat conflict. If you’d like to improve your team in each of these areas, it begins with understanding your work personality and the personalities of your fellow employees. Start cultivating a better awareness of yourself and your team with these top personality assessment tools from HRDQ.

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Personal Style Inventory

For a great introduction to work personalities, start with the Personal Style Inventory. This assessment will provide you with a better understanding of your specific behavioral patterns in the workplace. You’ll also be introduced to 16 personality styles and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. This information will help you identify different personality types in each of your team members so you can learn how best to work with them.

When you and your coworkers are better able to understand each other, it can help improve workplace relationships, behaviors, and communication. While the Personal Style Inventory serves as a great prerequisite for workplace growth, it will assist your team best when built upon with more of our personality assessments.

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What’s My Style

What’s My Style helps participants capitalize on their strengths and limit their weaknesses in the workplace. A quick 18-question assessment will reveal whether a participant’s preferred style is Spirited, Direct, Considerate, or Systematic. From there, employees will learn how their style affects interactions with other team members and ways to improve communication with those of other personality types. This assessment is great for both personal growth and management development training, as it serves as a great foundation for improving soft skills such as leadership, communication, and team building.

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What’s My Communication Style


Having great communication skills is key to ensuring your office runs smoothly and efficiently. What’s My Communication Style is an extremely useful

What's My Communication Style assessment that pinpoints your preferred method of communication and teaches you how to “flex” your style to meet the needs of others. When you master the art of “flexing,” you’ll find that you can convey messages more clearly to your team, which helps to eliminate confusion, make tasks simpler, and create more attainable goals.

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What’s My Team Member Style

If your team doesn’t work well together, it inhibits their ability to complete projects and tasks. That’s why What’s My Team Member Style was created. This assessment indicates what kind of team member you are and how your peers perceive you as part of the team. Both measures will help point out the traits that improve the group and those that inhibit it. Together, you and your coworkers will create a plan to take full advantage of the unique mix of team member styles so you can improve group collaboration and performance.

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What’s My Leadership Style

If you’re looking for a great management development tool, What’s My Leadership Style can provide the skills your supervisors need to best lead their teams. A 20-question assessment indicates each participants’ natural leadership style. From there, participants will discuss best practices and downfalls of their specific leadership type, then they’ll learn how to adjust their style to better meet the needs of the team. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to make deliberate choices about the best ways to lead their workers in a variety of situations.

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Personality Style Toolkit


The Personality Style Toolkit is a collection of 20 exercises that demonstrate how personality style impacts important skills such as team building, coaching, time management, and more. Through both role play and self-reflection,

Personality Style Toolkit Activity Collection | HRDQparticipants will explore the effects of personalities in common workplace situations. They’ll also discover what happens when different personality styles interact and how to eliminate friction between them. For a more hands-on experience that your employees can deeply relate to, the Personality Style Toolkit is a fantastic resource.

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More Assessments from HRDQ

If you’d like to discover more of the top personality assessment tools from HRDQ, explore our full collection in the HRDQ Style Suite. Whether you’d like to focus on specific soft skills or work to improve your team as a whole, our virtual library has everything you need to help your team members thrive in the workplace. Soon, you and your employees will be working together flawlessly to increase productivity, efficiency, and communication. Start developing your team today!

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