Change and Innovation through Brainstorming - DVD (DS)


Whether we pursue it, or it is forced upon us, change can make or break any business. The determining factor for success relies on the attitude of the employees challenged with adapting to the change and charged with finding new solutions. This program details the most common myths and misconceptions that hinder innovation.
How it Works
Change and Innovation through Brainstorming explores the most common myths and misconceptions that hamper effective brainstorming and challenges teams to accept and recognize the potential of every idea in their search for solutions.

Featuring the talents of John Sweeney, this workshop is a fun, highly motivational and entertaining program designed to kick off any team meeting and help employees approach change with a sense of energy and optimism. Contagious enthusiasm and eye-opening insights combined with an amusing visual style make this video a must for any team looking to find new solutions for a problem.

Product Details

Product Type: DVD

Time required: 36 minutes.

Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming - In this 15-minute video, John Sweeney takes viewers through the 8 Secrets of Brainstorming:
  1. Look at change as fuel
  2. Accept all ideas
  3. Defer judgement
  4. Reduce status
  5. Avoid idea smashers
  6. Declare your point of view
  7. Say, YES and...
  8. Re-discover your innovative self

Four Employee Warm-up Exercises - Four exercises that the Brave New Workshop uses to help team members get out of their heads. This is business improvisation at its finest. 9 minutes.

Bonus Video for Leaders - Whether it is doing more with less or finding the next great new product or service, this program prepares and inspires team leaders for the critical challenge of facilitating a dynamic and productive search for innovation. 12 minutes.

About the Author

John Sweeney is a comedian, national speaker, and bestselling author of Innovation at the Speed of Laughter. He and his wife own the world-famous and oldest American sketch comedy theater, The Brave New Workshop based in Minneapolis. The BNW has seen many notable alumni grace their stages, including Louie Anderson, Penn Jillette, Cedric Yarbrough among others, as well as Tom Davis, one the original head writers for Saturday Night Live.