Leading Change at Every Level

Starter Kit for up to 5 Participants
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In today's empowered organizations, the responsibility of championing change cascades throughout the organization, regardless of authority or position. Leading Change at Every Level is a comprehensive self-assessment and classroom workshop that measures skill level and develops five behaviors of effective change leaders.

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How It Works

Leading Change at Every Level is a combination self-assessment and training workshop that measures skill level and develops the five behaviors of effective change leaders: modeling the change, communicating about the change, involving others in the change, helping others break from the past, and creating a supportive environment for change.

Uses and Applications

Leading Change at Every Level can be used as a stand-alone learning instrument or part of a more
comprehensive curriculum. It’s appropriate for any individual in the midst of leading a change effort,
including team leaders, project managers, frontline supervisors, and middle managers.
Leading Change at Every Level is ideal as a:
  • Skill predictor and development tool in advance of a new change effort
  • Method of evaluating change leadership effectiveness during a recent change
  • Utensil for employees and managers to identify necessary actions
  • Centerpiece of a change management training program

Learning Outcomes

  • Measure current change leadership abilities
  • Understand effective change leadership behaviors
  • Develop change leadership skills
  • Generate support for change efforts
  • Improve the ability to lead change initiatives

Product Details

Product Type: Self-assessment and workshop

Format: Online or Paper

Audience: Any

Time Required: Interpretation 1 hour; Workshop 3 hours

What to Order

Starter Kit: Order One Kit for Up to Five Participants.

The Leading Change at Every Level Starter Kit provides all the tools you need to ensure a successful learning experience. It includes a Facilitator Guide and a 5-Pack of Paper Assessments.

Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

Includes background information, administrative guidelines, step-by-step workshop outline, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and sample participant materials. Facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The print version is ideal for facilitators who prefer to oversee scoring and administration of the assessment if you don't know who the participants will be before the class begins, or if your learners do not have easy access to computers. It includes pressure-sensitive forms for scoring to aid manual tabulation.

Online Assessment: Order One Per Participant.

The foundation for the workshop, the online assessment is administered to participants through the HRDQ Assessment Center. A full-color, detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator/administrator when complete.

About the Author

Laurie Ribble Libove, MS is a specialist in strategic human resource management and organizational development. She earned an MS from the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Ribble Libove served as a lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California - Berkeley and an instructor in the MBA program at the Dominican University of California. She is the author and co-author of several HRDQ training tools, including Learning to Listen, Trust: The Ultimate Test, and The Comprehensive Leader.