Working Through Organizational Change

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Facilitator Kit
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Designed for organizations that experience frequent transitions, Working Through Organizational Change provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the various phases of change, their typical response to change, and 12 actions that can help them better adapt.

How It Works

Through the use of assessments, a creative and enjoyable simulation, and a variety of activities, participants discover how they react during times of change. Specifically, they learn how their responses to change can help or hinder their ability to handle and move through each phase of change. By doing so, individuals focus their emotional reactions to improve and identify methods for adopting and adapting to change that works for them.

Uses and Applications

The Working Through Organizational Change workshop is designed to help individuals at all levels polish their skills at coping with and handling a variety of organizational changes. It helps individuals understand their options in the face of change and identify ways to address these feelings and moments.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Pinpoint their personal responses to change
  • Learn how change can create stress
  • Understand the different phases of change
  • Identify 12 actions that help to regain a sense of control

Product Details

  • Product Type: Assessment and workshop. The Facilitator Guide includes everything you need to lead a successful training session.
  • Target Audience: Employees at all levels.
  • Measures: Your participants' typical responses to organizational changes.
  • Dimensions: Expressiveness, problem-solving, and assertiveness.
  • Time Required: One workday.

What to Order

Facilitator Kit: Order One Kit Per Trainer
The Facilitator Kit includes background information, administrative guidelines, step-by-step workshop outline, and sample participant materials. Facilitator materials will be available as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Participant Guide: Order One Guide Per Participant
The Participant Guide serves as a comprehensive takeaway and includes critical content, worksheets, and forms used during the workshop.

About the Authors

The HRDQ Development Team creates soft-skills learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. At HRDQ, we believe an experiential approach is the best catalyst for adult learning. Our unique Experiential Learning Model has been the core of what we do for more than 40 years. We combine the best of organizational learning theory and proven facilitation methods with an appreciation for adult learning styles, our philosophy initiates and inspires lasting change.