Building the Communication Bridge

Facilitator Kit
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The more we know about the way we communicate, the better we can build the "communication bridge" that leads to productive relationships. Building the Communication Bridge is designed for those who want to improve their speaking and listening skills, especially in face-to-face situations. Participants gain an increased awareness of how they behave, learn how to capitalize on strengths, and develop the areas needed to become more successful communicators.

How it Works

HRDQ programs are based on the Experiential Learning Model - a unique approach to adult learning that initiates and inspires lasting change. They blend the insight of a knowledgeable facilitator with a wealth of experiential learning activities, including:
  • Assessments
  • Social/Team-Building Simulations
  • Survival Simulations
  • Hands-on Games
  • Workshops & more

Learning Outcomes

Participants interact and develop skills first hand while using Building the Communication Bridge, and discover how to put learning into immediate action. Trainers utilize this workshop because it helps team members to:

  • Understand the fundamental components of the communication process
  • Learn the characteristics of four communication styles
  • Identify personal communication style
  • Develop strategies for communicating with people who have different styles
  • Recognize the behaviors that distinguish receptive listeners
  • Learn how to apply effective speaking and listening skills to a variety of organizational situations

Easy to set up, use, and facilitate, this workshop rarely requires more than 15 minutes.

Engage your participants and put the fun back into training!