Team Conflict Strategies Inventory

Starter Kit for up to 5 Participants
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Don't let unresolved issues drain the productivity from your teams. Team Conflict Strategies Inventory (TCSI) provides an ideal opportunity for teams to work through issues, how to learn how to handle future conflicts more productively, and how to deal with conflict scenarios in the workplace.

Teams have preferred ways of handling conflict. Some teams avoid conflict at all costs, while others find that the battle gives them energy and motivation. Start your teams on a discussion of how they choose to handle conflict - and what impact their behavior is having on the success of their team - with TCSI. This product is especially helpful with millennial learning styles: how millennials learn in the workplace and how millennials learn best.

How It Works

The TCSI presents teams with five typical conflict scenarios. Administered in two phases, team members are first asked to predict individually how their team would handle each situation by ranking strategy alternatives. Then, the team as a whole comes together to try to reach consensus on the items. This approach allows individual team members to share their perceptions and come to conclusions about common strategies employed by the team.

Teams will:

  • Identify their preferred strategy for handling conflict.
  • Gain an understanding of five different conflict strategies.
  • Learn the appropriate use of each strategy.
  • Develop procedures for managing disagreements.
The participant booklet includes pressure-sensitive scoring, descriptions of the five team conflict strategies, interpretation, and action planning. In addition to administrative guidelines and theoretical background, facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Product Type
Assessment and workshop

Time Required
1 hour

What to Order

Order one facilitator set per facilitator and one self assessment per participant.