Experience Explorer

Facilitator Set (Complete Game)
Experience Explorer is a deck of cards that starts conversations, builds camaraderie, and creates networks. Experience Explorer helps managers at all levels realize how much they have learned about leadership from their own powerful experiences. Experience Explorer is easy and fun to use. This tool is for HR professionals and consultants who are ready to accelerate top talent development. Experience Explorer is based on four decades of the Center for Creative Leadership's international lessons of experience research, including the book "Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today."

Experience Explorer is much more than a personal inventory of experiences and lessons. It emphasizes the specific types of experiences and dimensions of lessons identified by CCL research as common to leading in organizations.
Learning Outcomes
  • Stimulate reflection about experiences that have taught critically important lessons about leadership
  • Provoke in-depth conversations about how to become an effective leader and manager
  • Identify leadership strengths and gaps and assist others to map their career journeys
  • Generate profiles of the capabilities necessary to succeed in different roles and functions in their organizations
  • Identify experiences that develop the capabilities important to the organization
  • Create bonds of camaraderie in teams and between groups of people
  • Strengthen connections between senior, mid-level, and junior professionals and among people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Spark engagement and enthusiasm with team members and others
  • Facilitate social interactions at a networking event
If your question is "How can leaders and managers make learning from their experiences intentional, not incidental or accidental?" then Experience Explorer is your planning tool.
Product TypeGame
Time Required1 to 3 hours
What to Order
Order one facilitator's set, which includes a facilitator's guide and one deck of 99 cards. Additional card decks are available for purchase.
Each Card Deck Includes:
  • 52 experience cards each representing one of 15 experiences from which leadership is learned
  • 42 lesson cards each representing one of 3 kinds of leadership capabilities for development.
  • 5 instruction cards that guide you on the Experience Explorer process.
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