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Influence (RTL)


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Have you ever had a great idea, but just couldn’t seem to get your boss on board with it? Or perhaps led a cross-functional task force whose members weren’t making it a top priority? Situations like these can be frustrating, but not impossible to overcome with the right skillset.

Garnering the support you need from others in order to enact positive change, deliver meaningful contributions and get things done starts with having influence. This is not about manipulating others to your way of thinking or fostering control and power in situations over others. It is about having confidence and knowhow when approaching others on subjects that are important to you, leading to greater success in garnering their support to carry out positive intentions.

This program will give you the strategies you need to have a more influential presence and overcome resistance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the key characteristics of influential people
  • Overcome barriers and resistance to your influence
  • Build strong relationships and a solid base of goodwill
  • Foster a positive and confident self-image
  • Tailor your approach to improve commitment

Program Contents

  • What It Is and Why You Want It
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Develop Your Persuasion Skills
  • Using Your Influence

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End User License Agreement

By purchasing the RTL you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA)

The RTL is sold as an annual license for use by an organization for the training of its employees. The library may not be distributed, sold, shared, rented, or loaned. Consultants and training companies are not eligible for purchase of the RTL. Each year on the anniversary of your purchase, if your organization chooses to continue using the library, a renewal license must be purchased or all content use discontinued.

Your license is based upon your organization's total number of persons employed, not the number you intend to train.

  • Business – Organizations with less than 5,000 persons.
  • Corporate – Organizations with 5,001-10,000 persons.
  • Enterprise – Organizations with more than 10,000 persons.