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Reproducible Training Library Complete Collection (RTL)

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Over 85 half-day courses in virtual, classroom, and self-study format

The Reproducible Training Library Complete Collection is a comprehensive collection of 85+ programs on leadership, team building, communication, conflict, and many other topics. The library contains 300+ hours of soft-skills training. Each program includes facilitator and participant materials for virtual and classroom instructor-led training and self-study online learning. The library is a complete, research-based content library that is also fully customizable, so you can add your company-specific content, use your logo or team name, shorten or lengthen the content, arrange titles into a curriculum - the possibilities for making it your own are endless.

Learn about the RTL license before making your purchase

The RTL is sold as an annual license for use by your organization for the training of its employees. The library may not be distributed, sold, shared, rented, or loaned. Each year on the anniversary of your purchase, if your organization chooses to continue using the library, a Complete Collection Renewal License must be purchased or use of all the RTL content must be discontinued. 

By purchasing the RTL you are agreeing to the terms of the RTL End User License Agreement.

Consultants and training companies are not eligible for direct purchase of the RTL.

Ask us about how consultants and training companies can use the RTL with their clients.

How to choose the correct RTL license

Your license is based upon your organization's total number of persons employed, not the number you intend to train.

  • Business – Organizations with less than 5,000 persons.
  • Corporate – Organizations with 5,001-10,000 persons.
  • Enterprise – Organizations with more than 10,000 persons.
  • ConsultantsContact us for details.