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The Answer Champ (1 Game)
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Create customized training courses using PowerPoint Training Games and Accessories. Each package in this program contains games with unique questions, graphics, scenarios, and more. Easily add your training questions to the assortment of games you select, and you are ready to go. Combine different packages to create comprehensive yet engaging training sessions.

    The Answer Champ

    The Answer Champ Game is a fantastic and fun way to review classroom questions during any teaching or training program. Challengers compete by answering questions in a series of rounds, all trying to advance to the final round and the championship position.

    InJeopardy Deluxe

    InJeopardy Deluxe is the ultimate training quiz show game. It offers trainers a variety of training alternatives, as well as different ways to play the game itself. Similar games are often used to review training program materials. However, InJeopardy Deluxe has a design you can use the game to present new content as well as review previously covered information.

    Ultimate TV Quiz Show Package

    1. Are You Smarter Than
    2. Deal Quiz Show
    3. Hollywood Tic Tac Dough
    4. InJeopard Quiz Show
    5. Mazing Race Quiz Show
    6. Millionaire Wannabe
    7. Money Taxi Quiz Show
    8. Survival Quiz Show
    9. Tribal Feud Quiz Show
    10. Wheel of Wealth

    This package also includes the bonus program: Awards and Certificates.

    Ice Breakers & Team Builders Package

    1. Blackjack Ice Breaker: A Blackjack card game with a special ice breaker twist
    2. Crossword Puzzle Game: crossword puzzles that require teamwork to complete
    3. Fun Feud Game: Two teams compete in this feud-style game
    4. Match Game: Play these fun match games in which teams attempt to match the squares and guess the key phrase
    5. Pyramid Game: A fabulous game with the look and feel of the popular TV show
    6. Star Cruiser Game: This Battleship-type game pits the humans against the aliens to rule the universe
    7. Tropical Ice Breaker Wheel: An updated version of the famous game

      Sports Games Package

      The PowerPoint TV Sports Quiz Show Games contains four PowerPoint training games. These games are tested to work on all PowerPoint versions 2002 and above.

      Games include:

      1. Football: A unique Football training game in which two teams attempt to answer your training questions as they move down the field. Game rules are included in each of these games
      2. Baseball: Teams swing for singles, doubles, triples, and homers as they try to answer your training questions and their players around the bases to score
      3. Golf: Four teams play on a three-hole golf course. When they answer the training question correctly, they get to play the course
      4. Auto Racing: Answer questions correctly to move your car closer to the finish line

      Quiz Show Games Volume I

      The PowerPoint Six-Pack Volume I contains six PowerPoint training games and a free Ice Breaker Team Builder Word Jumble game. These games are tested to work on all PowerPoint versions 2002 and above.

      Games include: 

      1. All The Way: Millionaire type game for a single player or team
      2. Peril: Jeopardy-style game, "I'll take leadership for 500". 
      3. Quiz Show: Game with the look and feel of a popular TV quiz show
      4.  Tic Tac Dough: Hollywood Squares style game, which includes three games with animated characters
      5.  Wheel of Color: Wheel type game where teams spin for high point questions to win
      6. IB-TB Word Jumble: An ice breaker or team building game where players get points for unscrambling program words and concepts

      Quiz Show Games Volume II

      The PowerPoint Eight-Pack Quiz Shows Volume II contains eight PowerPoint Quiz Show training games. As a bonus, we also have provided you with a free game, which can be an icebreaker or an intro to the “Mazing” Race Quiz Show game. These games are tested to work on all PowerPoint versions 2002 and above.

      Games include:

      1. Global InJeopardy Quiz Show: A Jeopardy-style game with “out of this world” graphics
      2. Money Taxi Quiz Show: A Cash Cab style game for a single player or team
      3. Pyramid of the Sun Quiz Show: Answer questions correctly to build Egyptian pyramids
      4. Truth or Consequences Vacation Quiz Show: Answer questions correctly, or you must perform a consequence. A lot of fun and participative activity
      5. TV Quiz Show Game: Guess bonus words for additional points to help with this exciting game
      6. Make A Deal Quiz Show: Ready to find out what’s behind Door #1? Players and teams answer your training questions then get ready to make a deal
      7. Mazing Race Quiz Show: Answering training questions correctly allows teams or players to amass points by running the maze. The further you get, the more points you receive
      8. Wheel of Fame & Fortune Quiz Show: Spin and answer the question correctly, and you’ll have an opportunity to solve the word puzzle. “I’ll take the letter E, Vanna”

      Quiz Show Games Volume III

      1. Are you Smarter Than
      2. Deal Quiz Show
      3. InJeopard Quiz Show
      4. Quizoply Quiz Show
      5. Survival Quiz Show
      6. Tribal Feud Quiz Show

      Presentation (PowerPoint Add-in)

      The Presentation Companion helps make your presentations come alive with interactive slide packs.

      Prize Wheels & More (PowerPoint Add-in)

      Prize Wheel files can be used as freestanding PowerPoint files, or you can import your existing PowerPoint presentation into them.

      Presentation Tool Box (PowerPoint Add-in)

      Enhance the content of these training games and your next Powerpoint presentation with the support of this useful tool.

      Important Information

      • All game packages are sold separately and most require Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer
      • The Single User License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter. The Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization
      • Each game features a true/false or multiple-choice format, and many include easy access to blank slides allowing you to expand on your training workshops. The games you create can be renamed and saved multiple times to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs
      • Additional game features include a built-in score-keeping manager, musical intros and finales, smooth push-button movement around the game, random team selectors as well as great game sounds and game animations