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Before the people in your organization attempt to maneuver through real-world negotiations, give them the opportunity to practice their skills in the safety of the classroom with the action-packed simulation Strike Fighter. This learning-rich experience is aimed at helping individuals become more competent and confident negotiators by teaching a solid start-to-finish strategy.

There isn't a more powerful way to surface strengths and weaknesses, and answer the question: "Is the way I approach negotiating successful, and if not, what do I need to change?"

Benefits for the organization

  • Game mechanics reflect real negotiation and communication challenges that people face not only in business environment but in every conflict situation
  • Helps to prepare for negotiations
  • Raises awareness about the importance of the preparation phase in building negotiation strategy
  • Practices the ability to make quick decisions during negotiations or difficult talks
  • Shows the importance of recognizing partners’ needs in negotiation at different stages of the process
  • Demonstrates challenges related to cooperation within and among strongly competing teams
  • Raises awareness about the need to reconcile individual goals with organizational goals


  • Negotiations – preparing for difficult talks and conducting negotiations, building negotiation strategy, defining one’s own negotiation objectives as well as partners’ objectives
  • Leadership – big picture and long-term goals which may be difficult to notice, understanding others’ motivations and interests, solving problems, decision making
  • Conflict management – how to cope in conflict situations, effective behavior in conflict situations, mediation
  • Communication – rules of efficient communication, responsibility for the message, developing communication skills, ability to persuade and ask appropriate questions
  • Teamwork – rules related to building a negotiation team, setting goals, task and responsibility delegation, improvement of team productivity, meaning of cooperation within and among teams

Product Details

  • Recommended For:

    • Talent development programs
    • Training programs for managers and specialists
    • Employer Branding activities
  • Product Type: Game

  • Time Required: 3 to 4 hours

  • What to Order*: The Strike Fighter complete kit provides you with everything you need to train up to 48 people, including a comprehensive facilitator guide, card decks, worksheets, and more.

* Please note this product is not available for sale outside the United States and Canada.

Watch the Strike Fighter Video Overview

Developed by game design company Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych, Strike Fighter focuses on mastering and improving the strategies and skills required for successful negotiating. Strike Fighter was awarded first prize in the 2009 NASAGA USA game design competition.

For detailed information about the development of Strike Fighter, download the theoretical background.


"I recommend for every team on each level of the organization."

"I managed to score the best result in all the teams and I think that it was mainly thanks to good preparation to our talks with negotiation partners. I would like to thank again for the unforgettable emotions and for creating the opportunity to gain experience that will benefit in future."

"This is a good experience for teams working in corporations where one of the challenges is to negotiate budget or project resources. Thanks to the game one can learn that collaboration is possible as well as reaching constructive conclusions. The individual goal is not necessarily at odds with group objectives."