How to Get Extraordinary Performance from Ordinary People

Extraordinary Performance Article 5-Pack

The perfect supplement to the Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory, How to Get Extraordinary Performance From Ordinary People is a practical, straightforward article describing a five-step performance management system perfect for:

  • Conducting a goal-setting session
  • Delegating work
  • Training and development
  • Coaching for improved performance
  • Performance appraisal

Also included is a discussion of interpersonal skills, suggested strategies for implementing each step, and references for further study. How to Get Extraordinary Performance From Ordinary People is a great take-away for participants!

About the Author

Rollin Glaser, Ed.D. is an accomplished trainer, consultant, and expert in the field of adult learning, and is also the co-founder and former chief executive officer of HRDQ. He holds several degrees, including a BS from Northwestern University and an M.Ed. from Northeastern University, as well as an MA and Ed.D. from Columbia University. In addition to many assessments, training games, programs, and articles, Mr. Glaser is the author of Personnel Management for Retailers and co-author of The Management of Training and Managing by Design.