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The Write Way to Communicate Customizable Course


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Introducing the Reproducible Training Library

The Reproducible Training Library (RTL) is a collection of downloadable and customizable courses for virtual and classroom instructor-led training, plus self study learning. Each title includes digital document files for facilitator and participant materials provided in unlocked Microsoft Office format. You can download, customize, and deliver training today.

This course is one of more than 80 courses in the Reproducible Training Library Complete Collection. We recommend you consider buying the Complete Collection rather than single titles, for its greater content and significantly reduced cost per course.

Your purchase of RTL courses is a subscription license for use within your organization for one year. With your active subscription you may continue to use the RTL content. You'll also receive any updates to the content. Your subscription will renew automatically until you choose to cancel.

When making your purchase, choose the correct subscription. Your subscription is determined by your organization's total number of persons employed, not the number of persons you intend to train. Our pricing model makes the purchase price fair for different sizes of organizations. Note the RTL is not available for sale to training companies or consultants.

  • Business License – Less than 5,000 employees
  • Corporate License – Between 5,000-10,000 employees
  • Enterprise License – More than 10,000 employees

Course overview

Good writing skills are imperative in the workforce at every organizational level. Everyone’s job requires some form of written communication. Those who are able to communicate well in writing are an asset not only to themselves but to their company, because clear, professional writing saves time, reflects positivity, and builds credibility.

If you lack confidence about your writing skills, you are not alone. A survey of 318 employers found that 80% said colleges are not doing a good job and should focus more on written and oral communication. Others blame technology and the prevalence of texting and tweeting (Holland, 2013).

Regardless of the reason, improving your writing skills is critical. Knowing you can compose documents quickly and easily, and be assured that they communicate what your readers need to know, makes your job easier. And you’ll be more likely to get a job or promotion. According to studies, 50 percent of all companies take writing into consideration when hiring (Miller, 2014).

This program focuses on giving you the knowledge and tools to make the writing process easier and more successful. You’ll learn how to plan and organize your message, as well as how to improve your writing to make it clear and concise. You’ll feel confident creating messages that engage the reader and get the results you want. Much of this course speaks about writing in the context of email, since it is the most dominant method of communication in today’s workplace; however, many of the techniques are applicable no matter the method/form of writing.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the most appropriate mode of communication, such as email, chat, or phone call.
  • Consider the purpose of your writing and how to tailor your message to the reader.
  • Explore techniques and tools for planning, streamlining, and reviewing your writing.
  • Discover how to effectively address sensitive issues.

Target audience

This program is appropriate for business professionals at every level who regularly communicate in writing to others within and outside their organization.


  • Learning Summary
  • Course Evaluation

Classroom Use Only

  • Classroom Facilitator Guide
  • Classroom Participant Guide
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Business Doc Templates Handout

e-Learning Use Only

  • e-Learning Course
  • Business Doc Templates Handout

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Use Only

  • Virtual Course
  • Virtual Bibliography
  • Virtual Presenter Guide
  • Virtual Slide Handout
  • Business Doc Templates Handout

How to purchase the RTL

To make your purchase, select the appropriate subscription for your organization. Your license is determined by your organization's total number of persons employed, not the number of persons you intend to train.

Upon receipt of payment and approval of your license, you will receive an email with links to download your files. All files are provided in unlocked Microsoft Office format. Your download will include files for:

  • Virtual ILT, Classroom ILT, and e-Learning versions
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint e-Learning Course
  • Course Overview
  • Learning Summary
  • Learning Materials
  • Action Plan
  • Course Evaluation

Annual renewal required for continued use of RTL content

Your subscription license permits unlimited use for one year per the terms of the EULA. Your subscription will automatically renew on the anniversary of your purchase. If you choose not to renew your subscription, all licensed content, including customized versions, must be deleted and all use discontinued.

Upgrade to the Complete Collection

If you buy a single title and wish to upgrade to the Complete Collection, we'll credit your library purchase for single title purchases. Contact us for details.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

By purchasing the RTL you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Be sure to review the terms of this agreement before making your purchase.

The RTL is sold as an annual subscription for use by an organization for the training of its employees. The library may not be distributed, sold, shared, rented, or loaned.

Training companies are not eligible for RTL purchases

The RTL may not be purchased by consultants or training providers intending to use the content to train other organizations. Instead, they may direct their clients to subscribe through their unique HRDQ Affiliate Network link and receive a commission on the purchase. And they may also then assist their client in customization and delivery of the content.


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