Leading Across Differences

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The dynamics of diverse groups present an interesting challenge for organizations. How do you teach people of different, nationalities, religions, races, and genders to all work effectively together? 

Leading Across Differences is a training package offering new ways of thinking about leadership challenges, providing participants with a framework and process for better understanding their context, and taking appropriate action. By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the, 

Four Social Identity Leadership Practices:

  1. Decategorization
  2. Recategorization 
  3. Sub categorization
  4. Cross-Cutting 

Leading Across Differences is flexible enough to use for a single one-hour session or an extended course. The information in the facilitator's guide will help you craft a session or series of sessions organized around specific learning outcomes. The package consists of a comprehensive casebook and a facilitator guide. The casebook includes:

  • The Leadership Across Differences Framework
  • 13 research-based cases
  • 11 chapters written by leadership experts
  • Nine individual exercises
  • References and resources to extend the learning