Peacock In the Land of Penguins - DVD (DS)


Peacock In the Land of Penguins
Program length: 10 minutes. 

Meeting the challenges of an increasingly diverse world has never been more crucial. This animated film on differences and the power of diversity in the workplace will inspire your employees to:

  • Build awareness of similarities and differences
  • Enhance appreciation of those differences
  • Facilitate empowerment by the group
  • Overcome barriers to self-empowerment

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins is an animated film, based on the book by BJ Gallagher and Warren Schmidt, which teaches participants about the creativity inherent in a diverse workgroup. Illustrating the importance of employee empowerment, effective communication, and team-building skills, its simple message is that it's in every organization's best interest to capture the talent, energy, and commitment of all employees.

Endearing and honest from the opening scenes, the story follows Perry the Peacock and his feathered friends as they arrive in the Land of Penguins and have trouble fitting in and adjusting. However, when Perry and his friends outsmart an attacking pack of wolves to save the island, the penguins realize that in the ever-changing world, all birds must appreciate the skills and contributions of everyone.

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins is essential for all levels of an organization: Executives, managers, and supervisors in a position to establish policies and procedures, or even non-management employees looking to enhance their tolerance and understanding of others.

The accompanying Leader's Guide and support materials offer 2 training designs: 1 for Diversity, and 1 for Creativity. This proven training video has inspired countless people to open their understanding of the world around them.

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed), Cantonese (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Dutch (dubbed), French (dubbed), German (dubbed), Hebrew (subtitled), Japanese (dubbed), Korean (dubbed), Portuguese (dubbed), Russian (subtitled), and Thai (subtitled).