Building Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone

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Building Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone is an informative case study on developing, nurturing and sustaining revenue through open-dialogue.


Every good salesperson knows that making the sale is only half the battle. It’s just as important, if not more, to build a lasting relationship with the client. However, it’s a special technique to achieve the same relationship-building results over the phone as you do in face-to-face communication. The nuances of facial expression and body language are lost, putting all that much more weight on your words and selling technique.

In Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone, you’ll learn how to capture the customer’s full attention and generate interest on not only the first call, but also each subsequent one. It also addresses how to move past the undeservedly poor reputation of telephone sales that has emerged over the years as a result of telemarketing.

Sectioned into two parts, B2B Relationships Over the Phone shares the inside story of a how a cutting-edge industrial company (Caterpillar) adopted a new sales platform while overcoming the resistance of telephone sales and then walks you through the sales techniques that work in a business-to-business telephone setting from relationship to closing the sale.

In this book you will learn:

How to profitably design, manage and staff a telephone sales organization to grow an annuity stream of business How telephone sales differ dramatically from field sales How thousands of books based on consumer selling are barely applicable in the world of B2B How to take an inbound lead or the first small sale or the tentative inquiry and turn each into lasting relationships and profitable annuity streams.

About The Author

John Dieseth is president of Business Performance Group, a B2B consulting and training organization. He is the author of training programs including Leading High-Impact Sales and High-Impact Telephone Sales as well as The Telephone Sales Implementation Guidebook. Business Performance Group is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with instructors across the globe.