Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond DVD - Employee Version

Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond DVD - Employee Version

Training Video Run Time: 19 Minutes
Includes DVD and complementary Study Guide

This best-selling harassment training video course shows why everyone shares the responsibility to maintain a respectful workplace.

Every employee needs to understand one basic truth: a respectful workplace is more pleasant and more productive for everyone. The Employee Version focuses on their responsibility to take action if employees experience or witness inappropriate behavior—either asking for help or speaking to the harasser directly if they feel comfortable doing so.

Examples of bad behavior:
    • Social media allows an embarrassing photo to make the rounds in a hospital.
    • Two guys on a city crew mistreat a “less macho” coworker.
    • Friction in a restaurant kitchen leads to insults for a busser from another country.
    • A religious coworker is excluded on a construction site.
    • A client puts pressure on a company rep for a “quid pro quo” exchange.
    • Two colleagues are offended by the inappropriate dress and flirtatious behavior of their coworkers.
    • Retaliation takes a subtle form but is no less against company policy—and against the law.