How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less - DVD (DS)


How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less
Program Length: 16:00 minutes. 

How do you make a quick and genuine connection with customers that will lead to greater trust, increased sales, and customer loyalty? Connecting in business is all about...

  • Choosing the right attitude
  • Sending the right signals
  • Getting them talking & keeping them talking

"If people LIKE you, they'll see the BEST in you. If they DON'T they'll tend to see the WORST."

-Nicholas Boothman

You have only 90 seconds to create a lasting, good impression that is built on trust and rapport. This fun and motivational training film that will teach your employees how to naturally make a genuine connection with everyone they meet. From customers to coworkers, and others, they will learn to have a positive effect on their personal and business lives.

Host Nicholas Boothman enthusiastically shows employees that, in business as well as life, the failure to build trust and rapport can be insurmountable, while the rewards of a good first impression are almost immeasurable.

Viewers will learn how to:

  • Choose the right attitude - by being welcoming, enthusiastic, curious, and resourceful
  • Send the right signals - with your face, body, and voice
  • Get people talking and keep them talking - with a short statement and an open-ended question

Even if your company already offers other types of customer service or sales training, How to Connect in Businesss 90 Seconds or Less should hold a prominent place and will add to your training library. This program is impactful, memorable, fun, and motivational. Best of all, your employees will be able to transfer what they learn immediately to the workplace.  

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed), Cantonese (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Dutch (subtitled), French Canadian (dubbed), Greek (subtitled), Hebrew (subtitled), Hindi subtitled), Italian (subtitled), Norwegian (subtitled), Portuguese (dubbed), Swedish (subtitled)