In This Together - DVD (DS)

In This Together
Program length: 18 minutes.
Why do people harass? Why are they mean or disrespectful? Maybe it's because they don't know any better. Or, maybe they know better but do it anyway. Using thought-provoking content, this best-selling program provides training that can truly change behavior. 
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Harassment prevention
  • Common courtesies
  • and much more
The In This Together training package presents an engaging look at harassment and respect in the workplace. Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of respect and harassment head-on.

There's no heavy corporate message, but rather insightful looks at real situations that will lead employees to make better choices. From dealing with gossip to being in a bad mood, the film utilizes an entertaining, non-threatening opinion survey to create a safe environment where viewers can re-evaluate their beliefs and their actions.

In This Together's Key Learning Points:

  • Benefits of common courtesies
  • Rules when attracted to someone at work
  • Perception vs. Intent and who wins & loses
  • The legal definition of a hostile work environment
  • The risks of offensive language & jokes
  • The human cost of gossip
  • What to do when in a bad mood

Also included with the In This Together training package are 10 Employee Handbooks containing practical answers to over 50 difficult business situations. A printed Opinion Survey helps participants come to a better realization about themselves and harassment.

"The In This Together video takes a positive approach to a kinder workplace...something lacking in many other harassment video training programs." - Larry Mendoza, Training Director, Lawrence Anthony Salons

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Dutch (subtitled), French Canadian (dubbed), Portuguese (dubbed)