The Practical Coach 2 - DVD (DS)

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The Practical Coach 2
Program length: 25 minutes.

This updated version of the best-selling employee coaching program ever takes managers step-by-step through critical performance management opportunities.  It covers:
  • Rewarding and encouraging peak performance
  • Correcting poor performance
  • Helping employees overcome obstacles to success

The Practical Coach 2, updates one of MPC's all-time best-selling programs.  With a new host and a fresh variety of workplace settings, this entertaining program on employee performance coaching raises the bar again.

The simplicity of "letting employees know that what they do, matters to you," remains the powerful central message for those who supervise others.  The Practical Coach 2 identifies the 3 most critical times to intervene as a coach; When you see: GOOD work, POOR work, and a DEAD END.

The program is as human as it is practical. It shows that, when faced with coaching employees on things that are negatively impacting their work-life (including something as personal as poor hygiene), a coach must "proceed with caring."  The most common defensive "sidetracks" a coach may encounter are also covered.

The Practical Coach 2 will teach supervisors how to:

  • REWARD good work - When you see it, say it
  • CORRECT poor work - Make it private, and positive
  • TURN AROUND dead-end performance - The Two Minute Challenge

Languages: English and Spanish (dubbed or subtitled)