The Practical Coach - DVD (DS)

The Practical Coach - DVD (DS)
Program length: 24:00


The Practical Coach teaches managers how to encourage, correct and challenge their team members to greatness. It offers a humorous yet serious look at performance improvement by defining three distinct ways to let people know that what they do matters.
Being a coach is all about encouraging, correcting and challenging your team. It's as simple as noticing how your team is performing, and then letting them know you notice. In other words... Coaching is the process of letting people know that what they do matters to you.
Realistic role plays covering a variety of topics -- from getting good work repeated and correcting poor work in a positive way to dealing with employees' poor personal habits and tools for turning a dead-end performance around -- make The Practical Coach an everyday guide to using good judgment and caring about each member of your team.

The Practical Coach will teach your managers how to:

  • Reward good work - When you see it, say it.
  • Correct poor work - Make it private, and positive.
  • Turnaround a dead-end performer - Use The Two-Minute Challenge
This DVD provides a memorable learning opportunity for managers at any level of the organization.