What's Your Pickle? - DVD (DS)

What's Your Pickle?
Program length: 17 minutes.
This customer service training picks up where Give 'em the Pickle left off! Bob Farrell presents a series of inspiring and fun-filled stories that exemplify the "pickle philosophy" and offer fresh insight into how your team can give those pickles! 
  • Build on connecting with the customer
  • Inspire your CSRs to new heights
  • Memorable stories that easily translate into practice

Bob is back!...and he's more entertaining than ever. This time he hits the road in a fun-filled search for the secrets of the "world-class pickle givers." You'll love the stories and truths he discovers!

"If you look and you listen, your customers will tell you what your pickle is." - Bob Farrell

In What's Your Pickle?, Bob's boundless energy makes it feel like he's there LIVE in your meeting! His contagious enthusiasm will inspire your service providers and help them refine their pickle-giving skills. Be sure to join Bob in this engaging video as he inspires your team to connect with their customers and "Give ‘em the Pickle!"

Learn the four great ways to determine What's Your Pickle?

  • CONNECT with your customers - How would you want to be treated
  • ANTICIPATE what they'll need next  - How can you be one step ahead
  • DELIGHT your customers - How can you exceed their expectations
  • INSPIRE yourself and others - Are you willing to do what it takes

The stories will inspire viewers to new heights--some are endearing, some are practical, and some are simply amazing. They will provide trainers with a great spring-board for discussing new and inventive ways to serve the customer. Find out about the "trickle-pickle".

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed), Portuguese (dubbed)