Ethical Type Indicator

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Starter Kit for up to 5 Participants
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How do you resolve the moral dilemmas arising in your life? Can you identify, articulate, and defend the principles governing and influencing your ethical and moral decision-making? What ethical type are you? Discover these answers with Ethical Type Indicator. This self-scoring personal assessment instrument measures the extent to which you prefer and use ethical philosophies when confronted with an ethical dilemma.

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How It Works

The Ethical Type Indicator consists of 42 statements reflecting on ethical theories and practices in your workplace. The tool is easy to complete, and self-scoring requires only a few minutes.

Sample statements:

  • Do you regard written codes of conduct as helpful in resolving ethical dilemmas?
  • Do you believe the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?
  • Are the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of friends an important consideration?

Uses and Applications

Use the Ethical Type Indicator to:

  • Dispel common myths about business ethics
  • Define an ideal ethical workplace
  • Implement ethics, guidelines, and policies in your organization
  • Identify and resolve typical ethical dilemmas
  • Recognize and combat common excuses for unethical behavior
  • Communicate well with unethical coworkers, customers, and vendors

Learning Outcomes

There are no right or wrong answers in the Ethical Type Indicator. Respond with honesty and sincerity to:

  • Discover your primary ethical decision-making preference or ethical type
  • Assess the degree to which ethical principles influence you
  • Become empowered to recognize, analyze and resolve future ethical dilemmas

Product Details

Product Type: Assessment and workshop. The Trainer Guide includes everything you need to lead a successful training session.

Target Audience: Employees at all levels.

Measures: Your employees' ethics and how they influence their work.

Dimensions: Decision-making, communication, and problem-solving.

Time Required: Two hours.

What to Order

Starter Kit: Order One Kit for Up to Five Participants and One Trainer.

The Starter Kit includes a Trainer Guide and a 5-pack of Paper Assessments.

Trainer Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

The Trainer Guide includes background information, administrative guidelines, step-by-step workshop outline, and sample participant materials. Trainer materials will be available as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Paper Assessment is ideal for facilitators who prefer to oversee scoring and administration of the assessment. It provides pressure-sensitive forms for manual scoring.

About the Authors

Louie V. Larimer, JD, is the founder and president of Focused Strategies, Inc., a management consulting firm helping CEOs develop and implement profitable business strategies. He holds a Bachelor's in Psychology, a Master's in Business Administration, and a Juris Doctorate. He has taught graduate-level courses in management, organizational development, ethics, law, conflict resolution, and negotiations.