Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace (RTL)

Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace (Business License for <5k employees)

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In a study conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey, 59% of employees reported that they would be happier if their managers addressed problem employees, while only 7% believed their managers were doing so. For many managers, confrontation is one of the most difficult aspects of their job, so they potentially end up avoiding addressing issues. These issues indirectly affect others’ performance, lower morale, and overall workplace satisfaction.

Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace introduces managers to a new perspective: changing the mindset from a "challenging employee" to a "valuable employee who exhibits challenging behaviors." By adopting a mindset of working together rather than against each other and following the techniques in this course, you will feel more prepared and confident to address issues in a way that creates a positive outcome for all those involved.

This program is appropriate for business professionals at a management level who regularly work with employees and teams to mitigate conflict, encourage engagement, and further productivity.

Training Overview

Learning Outcomes:

  • Translate "bad attitudes" into observable behaviors that can be corrected and improve 
  • Identify guidelines for promoting a positive outcome in every challenging situation
  • Recognize the various types of challenging behaviors, their underlying sources, and how to appropriately address them
  • Articulate why the challenging behavior is an issue and what the consequences are for not minimizing or changing the behavior

Program Contents:

  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • Personal Behaviors
  • Insecure and Disrespectful Behaviors
  • Negative and Unethical Behaviors
  • Self-serving and Hostile Behaviors

Download Includes:

  • Virtual ILT, classroom ILT, and online self-study versions of each program
  • Includes Instructor Guides, Participant Guides, PowerPoint Presentation, Course Overview, Learning Summary, Learning Materials, Action Plan, and Course Evaluation
  • All files delivered in MS Office format for easy customization

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