Managing Ethics: Code of Conduct Training for Managers DVD

Managing Ethics: Code of Conduct Training for Managers DVD

This ethics training DVD gives your managers the tools they need to uphold standards and protect the integrity of your organization.

Training Video Run Time: 17 Minutes

This ethics course provides managers and supervisors with ethical leadership skills necessary for maintaining an ethical workplace.Ethical companies benefit from a reputable brand, loyal customers, and a stronger bottom line. This ethical leadership video will help your managers and supervisors behave ethically themselves and promote a culture of integrity among all their subordinates.

Managing Ethics replays the scenarios portrayed in its award-winning companion training video, Workplace Ethics, but this time from the leader’s point of view, illustrating essential management skills.

This program demonstrates for managers and supervisors how to share core values in ways that employees can personally understand. It encourages them to live the values themselves every day, and shows them how to take appropriate action—by acknowledging positive behavior or promptly correcting ethical lapses.