Power of Positive Discipline DVD


Your employee continues to have a discipline problem. You've looked the other way, you've attempted gentle reminders, and even tried getting mad, but nothing changes. What do you do? How do you handle the situation in the best possible way for the employee and your organization? The Power of Positive Discipline is an award-winning positive discipline video giving you six steps of progressive discipline.

Discover the best ways to:

  • Clarify what you expect
  • Convince the employee that change is necessary
  • Get the employee's agreement to change
  • Come up with an action plan together

This workshop is not a punishment. Instead, a process designed to help employees meet expectations and save their jobs. If they do not commit to improving, you will know that you have given them a fair and legal opportunity.

Disciplining employees is never easy, but if you follow the progressive steps illustrated in this positive discipline video, it doesn't have to throw you for a loop. Instead of disruption and anxiety, positive discipline works with employees to help improve their job performance; a rewarding part of any manager's or supervisor's job.

Run time: 21 minutes.