Working Through Organizational Change

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While understanding the need for organizational change is critical, it is also vital that we recognize how we respond to change as individuals so that we can manage ourselves – and show others how to benefit from its positive effects. Working Through Organizational Change is a one-day program designed to help individuals polish their skills at coping with and handling a variety of organizational changes. Focusing on the emotional response to change, this program is an excellent way for individuals to identify methods of adopting and adapting to change that really work for them.

Additional Information for Working Through Organizational Change:

Learning Outcomes

  • Pinpoint one's personal response to change
  • Learn how change can create stress
  • Understand the four phases of change
  • Identify 12 actions that help to regain a sense of control

Individuals and team members at all levels
Program Length
1 day or 2 half days

What to Order

Order one facilitator kit per facilitator and one participant guide per participant.
Dr. Stephanie McBrier Hannett is well versed in human development needs and what it takes to meet them. Her research, in addition to her work with both children and adults, has provided in-depth insight on behavior that inspires her work. She focused her doctoral studies on the analysis of the underlying feelings and thoughts of individuals who participate in experiential learning activities. The results identified psychological safety, positive experiences, learning, and interest as core themes. Her findings led her to develop training utilizing many different experiential techniques, emphasizing a fun and relaxed atmosphere with ample learning opportunities. Dr. McBrier Hannett holds degrees from the University of South Florida, including a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in training and development, an MA in guidance and counseling, and a BS in elementary education.