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Check out our Reproducible Training Library for high-quality learning!
Check out our Reproducible Training Library for high-quality learning!
Customer Service Training-HRDQ

Customer Service Training

Today's customers want service that is faster, better, cheaper, and more thorough. But you need to know if your organization is prepared to meet that challenge. Can you say with confidence that your organization's customer service is exceptional—and do employees know the difference between internal and external customer service? These skills are what set extraordinary companies apart.

HRDQ provides customer service training courses, activities, and assessments that can help you measure individual performance, build a service team, and identify changes needed in policies or operating procedures. Once you know the areas where improvement is needed, you'll be able to develop action plans for more effective customer service behaviors.

Featured Products

Becoming a Customer Service Star lets employees and managers evaluate their behavior in five critical service areas, examine their attitudes about service, and learn ways to boost their customer service performance.


Delivering Exceptional Phone Service helps service reps build the skills required to meet customer's needs and ensure customers feel heard and valued by your organization. The program is rich with partner and group role-play activities with realistic customer service examples.


The Telephone Skills Training Activity Collection consists of effective activities that help improve business call-center related skills for sales, customer service, and support teams. It is now available for digital download.

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Creating Customer Service Stars

Improving customer service skills can be tough, but the right training materials can make the process fun and effective. The training process often starts with an assessment of key skills. There are certain dimensions that people should focus on when they want to develop their customer service skills:

  • Feeling Positively Toward Customers. A positive attitude toward customers creates great customer service. People who enjoy customer interaction are enthusiastic, have eye contact, have positive voice inflection and the desire to build a friendly rapport.
  • Encouraging Customer Feedback. In order to provide excellent service to customers, you must know what your customers need and want. Fulfill their needs by encouraging them to provide you with both positive and negative feedback.
  • Responding to Customer Problems. Make sure you respond to problems promptly. This is a good way to capture customer loyalty. The standard of service is at risk when the response to a problem is delayed, passed to several people or ignored.
  • Developing Repeat Relationships. Long-term relationships are important, because the value of a customer increases over time. In order to develop repeat relationships, individuals should take positive actions by treating every situation with an understanding of the lifetime value of a customer.
  • Seeking to Exceed Customer Expectations. The greatest opportunity to satisfy and retain customers is to find ways to exceed their expectations. Doing more than a customer expects makes that customer’s experience a memorable one, which can spark future business.
Exceptional Customer Service is Within Reach

If these skills and dimensions are developed well, employees will be able to provide high-quality service with ease. This ultimately leads to increased satisfaction for the client or customer as well as greater opportunities for the organization. To develop these skills in your organization, build an effective customer service training course with the assessments and activities available at HRDQ!