More than 80 highly-engaging customizable training programs – a million-dollar product for a fraction of the cost!

Adaptive Learning

The RTL can help any team in any environment because of its ease of use and customizability. Training that can be tailored to the specific needs of a team is more effective. The material will be more relateable and memorable, and the desired outcome is more likely.

Generate Interest

Reproducible training keeps a team interested and on task. Training is no longer considered "boring" because training materials are personally customized and the instructor can lead a training session where the topic is relevant and interesting to that particular group.

Varied Topics

The RTL has a broad range of exciting and engaging soft-skills training content. The full library has more than 300 hours of research-based instructor-led classroom training content that is easy to facilitate and customize – no special editing skills needed.

Benefits of the RTL

Many companies have taken a hard look at the cost of training and the results are in: the RTL saves time and money. One organization recently purchased the library after breaking down the cost of their own program vs. HRDQ's. The team looked at the cost of creating their own training compared with purchasing the fully-researched training already available, and they noted that they would save significant money by purchasing the RTL and modifying it, rather than developing the courses starting from scratch. When the costs were tallied up in a spreadsheet it was determined that it would cost $1.9 million dollars to build their own program. The RTL is a fraction of that price, and much of the work is already done.

Details of the RTL

Everything needed is provided for you, and the ability to customize with familiar tools you already know, and reproduce materials when you need them, makes it easy to provide the best and most relevant training for your team. Each program includes a facilitator guide and support materials, participant workbook, and a supplemental PowerPoint learning guide. Once purchased, you'll receive a link to download the program files so you can immediately begin to customize the materials with your brand, tailor the programs with organization-relevant material, or combine content to create fully customized learning tracks. There's no wasted time waiting for materials to arrive by mail - you can get going right away.

If you’re looking for the best deal, the complete library gives you over 80 various titles that cover a wide range of topics - at a fraction of the cost of individual programs. If you only need one specific program, you can simply shop by the same extensive topic selection offered across our entire line. Just click, purchase, download, and get started today!

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