Need to train?
We've got you covered.

Need to train?
We've got you covered.

Dependable, traditional, tons of topics to choose from. Traditional classroom training is still going strong in the digital age, and HRDQ remains at the forefront of high-quality, extensively-researched, and proven paper-based classroom training materials for over 40 years.

Online Assessments

The demand is growing for easy to distribute, complete and administer online assessments. The HRDQ Online Assessment Center is our portal to the virtual training world. Set up your account today, and learn how to leverage distance learning.

Student Assessments

The self-study paradigm has never been as accessible as it is now. HRDQ offers dozens of titles available digitally, directly to students anywhere in the world. Are you ready to join the self-learning trend?


Situational learning has always delivered a powerful and lasting learning experience. The HRDQ Team Adventure Series provides thrilling simulations that teach exceptional skills in a safe environment.

Games & Interactives

Experiential learning has been a part of our foundation for decades and we are proud to offer some of the most well known and recognized experiential teamwork games in the industry.


Delivering an impactful learning experience on a shoestring budget across varied audiences can be a daunting task for any trainer. Our Reproducible Training Library solves that problem with over 80 high-quality customizable courseware products.


Watch and learn. The training field abounds with the casual delivery and visual impact of video-based training. HRDQ has selected a collection of choice topics from quality producers.


Training books are a great self-study tool. We have engaging titles for every interest level. Reinforce the learning with a companion book or article to support the training benefits from some of our products.


Trainers are always looking for a better way to captivate their audience. We are not advocates of gimmicks or giveaways, but we do see the benefit of offering a few trainer aids that enhance the learning experience.