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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Creative Problem Solving Applied

Putting theory into practice.

Course Time

1-4p ET


3 hours

Class Size

20 seats


Virtual ILT





Team chemistryyou know it when you see it, but it can be hard to define. In 2012, The Today Show dismissed Ann Curry as co-anchor. Many sources attributed the cause of her dismissal to “bad chemistry” between her and Matt Lauer. Shortly after, The Today Show ratings dropped, while its competitor, Good Morning America, saw an increase. Coincidentally, the Good Morning America team seemed to be having more funmany would say they had better chemistry.

Chemistry can serve as a basis for understanding team development and performance. For this reason, people often use the word “chemistry” to describe an intangible, but positive effect on team performance. Choosing team members is like choosing elements for a chemistry experimentthey are the basic building blocks. Assembling team members together in the right wayleveraging strengthsis like creating a balanced chemical equation. Monitoring how team members interact is like observing a chemical interaction, and measuring team results is like analyzing the results of a chemistry experiment.

This virtual instructor-led training event will provide you with the tools you need to be able to create team chemistry. This three hour-program offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics:

  • Identifying and correlating diverse and complementary skills, characteristics, and strengths to team roles
  • Encouraging positive communication patterns and actively avoiding negative interactions
  • Recognizing the symptoms of groupthink and overcoming its prevalence
  • Forming a strong team commitment along with assuming individual responsibility
  • Uncovering the measured outcome by telling a user story
  • Being a strong team leader by acting on feedback, mediating short and long term conflict,and combatting low morale

Participants Will Learn:

  • Understand how to choose team members to create a high performing team.
  • Leverage the strengths of team members to maximize team performance.
  • Implement strategies to promote positive interactions.
  • Evaluate team processes and team results.
  • Recognize the responsibilities of a team leader.


  • Basic desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Microphone and speakers or headset with microphone
  • Webcam (optional)

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Our virtual instructor-led training sessions are live, interactive classroom solutions delivered directly to you – wherever you are located. The benefits of attending a virtual session include:

  • A flexible virtual education. The class is available to you wherever you work – office, home, or on the road.
  • Small group advantages. A small group learning setting offers more personalized support.
  • High-retention learning. You can attend the interactive and engaging class from your desired located without any distractions.
  • Real-time interaction. The session engages you with real-time interaction with the instructor and classmates.

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