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Virtual Instructor-Led Training Frequently Asked Questions

How does a virtual instructor-led training class work?
One or two days before the date of the class, you’ll receive a welcome email with a web link and a unique registration ID that you’ll use to connect to the class. Also included will be a link to the participant materials and detailed instructions. And a link to test your system requirements.

A day or so before the class, we recommend you ensure your system has the proper components. You can check your system by following the link in the registration email. You must have any pop-up blockers disabled before testing your system. We also recommend you download your course materials and prepare your learning space.

Approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the class, please log on following the emailed instructions and get ready to begin learning. Your registration ID is for a single seat in the class and may only be used by you – please do not share registration links.

Why should I send learners to these classes?
Whether your learners are in the office, at home, or on the road, your objective is to provide training that's as good as an experiential classroom experience. Unfortunately, most online learning is frankly quite boring and the typical webinar is simply an online one-way lecture. Our instructor-led classes replicate a face-to-face classroom experience. With both facilitator and learners on webcam, and a small class structure, there is a high degree of interaction and engagement.

What is the cancellation policy?
We understand that sometimes learners simply cannot attend a class for which they are enrolled. If a seat is cancelled a full five days before the day of the class (e.g. on April 1 for a class on April 6), we’ll provide a credit for a future class or a refund to the original payment method. If a seat is cancelled within four days of the day of the class, we will provide a credit for a future class. Sorry, there are no refunds or credits for cancellation on the day of the event.

Will the classes be recorded?
Successful learning depends on full participation with honest communication. We want your learners to feel free to openly share. Classes may be recorded for internal use for facilitator performance reviews. Recordings of classes will not be available to the public.

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