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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Selling Essentials:
Opening the Sales Call

Making a powerful first impression

Course Time

1-4p ET


3 hours

Class Size

20 seats


Virtual ILT




Sales Reps

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Ten seconds or less – that's how long the window of opportunity is open for your salespeople to grab a client's attention. And that's why it's vitally important to arm them with the tools that enable them to be confident, sincere, engaging, and successful – before they set foot in their next face-to-face sales call.

With the proper knowledge and preparation, your salespeople can establish themselves as experts, think on their feet, adapt to client expectations, and capture lifetime clients. As a module of the Selling Essentials Training Series, this class is an in-depth training program that does just that.

Key Topics:

  • The framework of a successful first call with a customer which allows you to plan for, and subsequently open the call with confidence
  • How to develop an agenda that resonates with your prospect’s situation and then communicate that agenda in a clear and concise manner
  • Strategies for introducing everyone on the call and reviewing the agenda in your own words
  • How to clearly describe what your company does and the ways you can help to gain customer buy-in and to open the door for a two-sided conversation later in the meeting
  • Situations when you must adapt your agenda to meet customer expectations
  • The typical progression of a customer’s thoughts on making a change and the importance of anticipating business needs

Participants Will Learn:

  • Identify strategies to use for preparing to open the sales call
  • Describe the traits that help you to be successful when opening the call
  • Explain the importance of building rapport
  • Demonstrate how to open the call using a consistent framework
  • Describe tips for successfully opening the sales call


  • Basic desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Microphone and speakers or headset with microphone
  • Webcam (optional)
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Our virtual instructor-led training classes are live, interactive classroom learning delivered directly to learners – wherever they are located. The benefits of HRDQ Consulting virtual classes include:

  • High-retention learning. Our experiential design offers more sharing, feedback and personalized support.
  • Low facilitator to student ratio. Our class sizes is capped at 20 learners.
  • Real-time interaction. Our classes engage learners with real-time interaction with the instructor and other learners.
  • No travel required. Our virtual classes are available wherever your learners work – office, home, or on the road.

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