A complete training library you can customize and deliver virtually.

Are your learners currently dispersed to remote locations? Go virtual! The Reproducible Training Library contains more than 300 hours of researched-based virtual and classroom training programs that are fully customizable. And, courses are easy to facilitate virtually. With this full training curriculum, you will be able to provide your team with the most current and comprehensive training available, and drive organization-wide improvements. Your yearly investment gets you unlimited access and usage.

What’s Included

Every title is a complete learning course, ready to train, and delivered to you as digital files. Each title includes:

  • Comprehensive step-by-step facilitator guide
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Detailed participant workbook
  • Support materials
  • Supplemental PowerPoint-based online learning title

With your purchase you will receive a download link so you can immediately begin to use the content.

Add on virtual coaching! Let us help you deliver your virtual training. We can coach you on how to deliver it yourself, or we can deliver for you.

Take a virtual tour, and you'll soon be training virtually

See how utilizing this complete soft-skills library could improve your training with a virtual tour. You’ll walk through the actual product so you can see the ease of virtual delivery, comprehensive research-based content, design quality, and how simply you can fully customize. Fill out this form to watch now!

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How to Buy

The Reproducible Training Library is purchased with an annual license. Your license includes one year of unlimited use from date of purchase and your license can be easily renewed each year. Licensing levels are based upon the total number of employees in your company, see below. The license levels, term and EULA are the same for single titles, multiple titles, or the Complete Collection.

• Business - For unlimited use within an organization employing less than 5,000 people at one or more direct operating locations.
• Corporate - For unlimited use within an organization and its subsidiaries employing 5,001-10,000 people across the entire organization.
• Enterprise - For unlimited use within a top-level organization, its subsidiaries, partners, and distributors employing more than 10,000 people across the enterprise.

Why should you customize?

A lot of training can be purchased off the shelf, and sometimes that meets the need. The ability to customize the content, however, provides a range of benefits from individualization for specific learners to learning style accommodations. Customization also means you can insert your organizational lingo and your brand can be front and center.

See the 8 Reasons to Customize Your Training Courseware infographic below. [PDF]

Take a giant leap forward in your in-house development projects

Design and development of training courses is a resource intensive process. Too often you’re simply recreating the wheel. The RTL eliminates much of the time and resource waste by giving you great programs upon which you can build your own customized programs.

One company who needed to provide better training for their staff but didn’t have the resources for in-house development opted for the RTL. They estimated $1 million in savings on development time and expense. Read our blog post for details.

Is Your Training Trapped Between Meager Budget and Limited Time?

Find out how the training manager of a large corporation tackled this issue and the executive sponsor's growing interest in ancillary topics with the RTL.

Comes ready to train.

While you can customize every detail of the RTL, you don’t need to do so. Every title is complete - start your virtual training right after you download the files.

View What You Get & How It Works [PDF]

You can download a free preview.

Take a look at a sample program. Try customizing it. Go ahead, it’s easy. Download our free sample preview course and see it for yourself.

Download the Critical Thinking Skills Sample Program

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