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Virtual and classroom instructor-led courses that you can download and train today.

Online assessments for virtual, in-person, and blended learning

The HRDQ Assessment Center makes it easy for facilitators and learners to benefit from the power of online assessment based training. Our online assessments are research-based personal developmental training covering topics such as personality style to communication, change to leadership, and for employees at all organizational levels. Our platform makes delivering and administering assessment based learning fast, secure, and effective.

Great learning, easy delivery

  • Access to 40+ online assessments that deliver soft skills training that transform your workforce
  • Easy online distribution to a global audience
  • Centralized and organized data collection 
  • Manage and track participant progress from start to finish
  • Access scores immediately and control the release of results
  • Personalized, full-color interpretive reports for your learners

Your learners also receive benefits

  • Access to a secure learner portal
  • Complete assessments from any location, on any device, and at any time
  • Automatic scoring and instant report generation
  • Personalized, full-color interpretive reports in a PDF format

Learn more about the HRDQ Assessment Center

  • Sample reports for all our assessments
  • Digital course catalog
  • Helpful infographics and article

Easily administer online assessments worldwide

Select an assessment and invite your learners. It’s easy to coordinate learners from a local or global workforce. Track learner progress and completion. Provide instant access to scores or control the release of reports. Our platform is fast, efficient, compliant, and secure. 

Focused on learner development

Participants log into secure, web-based learner portal. Assessments are completed in a mobile optimized environment designed for any device from desktop to phone. Personalized, full-color interpretive reports provide instant feedback, a report to bring to an in-person or virtual event, and a takeaway for future reference.

Get started with an administrator account

Contact us to sign up for your administrator account. Your onboarding includes account setup, admin training, and a bundle of services to ensure the success of your online training events. You'll have complete control over the assessment process, from distribution to administration and scoring to data management. 
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Choose the assessments you need now

Check out our collection of over 40 online assessments covering a wide variety of soft-skills training topics, and start training today!