Accountability Experience Online Assessment

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Individuals who go through accountability training develop more positive relationships, feel a sense of accomplishment, and improve personal productivity - all with less stress. Have your employees develop these skills that hold others accountable for agreements in a way that minimizes conflict and encourages enhanced results.

The Accountability Experience is an accountability assessment and workshop that leads to organizations in which there is crystal-clear clarity about what to expect to happen, how, and when. Managers and supervisors uncover how to encourage employee accountability at all levels; leading to increased engagement and a decrease in the gap between expectation and delivery.

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How It Works

The Accountability Experience combines a self-assessment and customized report to allow employees to feel more in control of outcomes and improve key work relationships. The assessment is designed to gauge how an employee’s current mindset puts accountability, responsibility, and empowerment into practice. For those who wish to explore accountability deeper, there is a one-day workshop available.

Administered in advance of the workshop, the 73-item self-assessment measures an individual's mindset in four dimensions of accountability:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Personal Accountability
  • Team Empowerment
  • Perception of Organizational Culture

During this one-day workshop, participants will introduce themselves to the three phases of the Accountability Cycle:

  • Responsibility: Claiming ownership of a task
  • Self-Empowerment: Taking personal action to complete the task
  • Accountability: Answering for the outcome

Uses and Applications

  • Apply a new constructive definition of what accountability means in today's workplace
  • Make and manage clear performance agreements with others
  • Take the initiative to renegotiate priorities and assignments using a constructive joint problem-solving approach

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate personal accountability mindset and what it means to you, your performance, and your job satisfaction
  • Identify barriers to being and staying accountable and execute personal strategies to overcome them
  • Hold others accountable for agreements in a way that minimizes conflict and encourages improved results
  • Understand the benefits of an accountable environment
  • Define responsibility, empowerment, and accountability
  • Discover one's skill levels
  • Recognize barriers to accountability
  • Identify appropriate tools to address accountability challenges
  • Practice skills associated with declining, negotiating, and holding others accountable
  • Develop a plan to enhance on-the-job accountability

Also see the classroom version of this assessment.