Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace - 2nd Ed - Government Version - DVD (DS)

SKU 4104E1AV-G
Program Length: 20 minutes.
Viewers of this Government Specific version of Attitude Virus will learn how to combat various types of negative office personalities that their employees may carry. It will teach how to:
  • Keep negativity from spreading
  • Reinforce positive behavior
  • Build interpersonal skills

One bad attitude can infect your entire department or agency. With this program, viewers learn to identify the seven most common "attitude virus" carriers and how to protect themselves and your team against them. 
If you spot any of the following warning signs, an attitude virus could be spreading through your department: resisting change, lack of commitment, spreading gossip, misdirected anger and condescending perfectionism.
The seven carriers identified in the video are:

  • The Steamer, who blows his lid
  • The Perfectionist, who wields 'quality' like a weapon
  • The Resister, who is threatened by change
  • The Not-My-Jobber, whose narrow views block progress
  • The Rumor Monger, who spreads stories everywhere
  • The Uncommitted, who simply doesn't care
  • The Pessimist, who expects the sky to fall no matter what

Participants will benefit by learning to take responsibility for their own attitudes and success, plus, underlying causes for unproductive attitudes will be resolved and fewer personal problems will affect work.