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Save 15% when you purchase any product from the Coaching Skills Training Materials collection! Use code COACHING15 at checkout.
Save 15% when you purchase any product from the Coaching Skills Training Materials collection! Use code COACHING15 at checkout.

Basics of Style (RTL)


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Successful companies help employees to recognize their personality traits and how to modify behavior when interacting with others because it helps to establish more effective teamwork, resolves reoccurring work conflicts, and builds communication.

Personality style by definition is the way a person acts when they are able to do things to their own preference. You may like to behave in a particular way, and that behavior comes to light when you have the freedom to do what you want to do. For example, some people prefer a regular routine, while others thrive on variety. Some people excel at handling details, while others would rather focus on big-picture issues. These preferences are a result of personality style.

Personality style differences account for workplace conflicts and miscommunication and they negatively affect productivity and morale. The Basics of Style will help you recognize your own personality style as well as the styles of those you work with. Using that information, you can adapt your behavior to improve communication, effectiveness, and success in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the concepts behind the HRDQ Style Model
  • Identify the strengths, trouble spots, and observable characteristics of each of the four styles
  • Discover how to flex style in order to improve communication, leadership, and teamwork
  • Identify the style pairs most likely to experience conflict and most likely to be compatible

Program Contents

  • The HRDQ Style Model
  • Recognizing style clues by observation
  • How to share constructive feedback
  • How to recognize and react to signs of stress in each style
  • How to coach each style to increase improvement
  • The elements of effective teamwork

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