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Career Roadblocks Finder Online Assessment


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There's no doubt that the leaders in your organization might look almost perfect on paper. They've earned degrees from leading universities, have impeccable credentials, and they sailed through grueling interviews with flying colors. However, despite these qualifying facts, research shows that 40 percent of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months alone.

Luckily for you, leadership failure is not only predictable; it's also preventable. The Career Roadblocks Finder is an eye-opening assessment that helps managers and executives spot the barriers to career success. With this tool, you can see how to limit those behaviors, and learn how to take control of their development before it's too late.

How It Works ▼

The Career Roadblocks Finder contains a 55 item self-assessment profile, 2 domains, and 11 scales with behavioral implications. Participants will have 20 to 30 minutes for completion, and report results are generated by comparing the respondent’s answers to responses of managers and leaders at various levels and types of organizations. Participants will then compare their results against a national sample.

Uses & Applications ▼

The Career Roadblocks Finder provides specific feedback on behaviors severely limiting leader and manager effectiveness. By identifying and removing these limiting behaviors, or "derailers," leaders can excel at using their talents and skills.

Based on 40 years of research, this assessment provides specific feedback on the behaviors potentially limiting effectiveness. This includes work-related and self-management behaviors.

Learning Outcomes ▼

This assessment helps participants better identify career accelerators and blockers, learn how to develop and align critical competencies, and create an individual personal development plan. They will also:

  • Measure two key career behaviors and 11 scales of behaviors
  • Understand the management skills needed to maintain and ensure success
  • Learn how to predict problems that can cause career derailment
  • Pinpoint development needs to avoid derailment
Product Details ▼

Product Type: Online Assessment

Target Audience: Managers and executives

Measures: Behaviors limiting managerial performance

Dimensions: Work-Related and Self-Managing behaviors

Time Required: 30 minutes

What To Order ▼

Online Assessment: Order One Per Participant.
The online assessment is administered to participants through the HRDQ Assessment Center. A detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator when complete.

About The Authors ▼

Roger Pearman is an award-winning expert on personality, leadership, and performance effectiveness. He has served as a senior adjunct faculty and coach for the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a highly respected global provider of executive education. His collaborative relationship with the CCL enabled him to use their extensive database to aid his research and author several well-known books, including Hardwired Leadership, I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You, and Leadership Advantage. The founder of Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. and, Inc., Roger's clients include the United Nations, Merck, Citigroup, SAP, and the Marriott Corporation.

R. Daniel Parks is a strategy and leadership development consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Along with his partners at Archetype Learning International, LLC, he incorporated innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, and competitive-edge competencies into the design of numerous products, including the Strategic Agility Accelerator, Innovative Leader Profile, Ethics Decision Strategies Inventory, and the Entrepreneur Readiness Profile.

Barry Philips is a co-owner of Archetype Learning LLC and a sought-after advisor who helps organizations with global thinking and implementation. He is an experienced banker and an associate of the Institute of Bankers in the United Kingdom who established branch offices and coordinating multi-million dollar credit facilities for multi-national organizations. Barry is also the co-author and developer of several business simulations and a series of assessments.