Chart Your Start - Self Assessment

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New employees generally arrive at an organization brimming with enthusiasm, energy, and a deep desire to prove themselves. What supervisors and colleagues do to reinforce and channel those positive feelings can make all the difference in the world between nurturing a long-term, highly productive member of the organization, and contributing to the early departure of an unhappy, possibly disillusioned employee.

One of the actions that supervisors and trainers can take to capitalize on the eagerness of new employees and to help facilitate their socialization into the organization is to provide them with learning tools to ease their introduction. Chart Your Start: The New Employee's Role in Orientation is a business simulation designed to be one of those tools. By having participants prioritize a list of vital acclimation actions, the simulation familiarizes new employees with actions they can take to become productive in their new environments as quickly as possible.

An important feature of this simulation is that it puts new employees at least partially in control of their own orientation experience. This yields two benefits. First, by giving new employees some control over their learning experience, it helps to lower their anxiety and build confidence – keys to getting new employees off to a positive start. Secondly, by taking some responsibility for their own orientation, new employees are practicing initiative and self-direction – both of which are crucial for success in today's workplace.

Clearly, the potential number of people requiring orientation is increasing while the definition of who is responsible for orienting new employees is expanding. We perceived the need for a learning resource that was general enough to meet the needs of a diverse audience and be appropriate for use in a variety of organizational settings. Chart Your Start: The New Employee's Role in Orientation is our response to that need.