The Clarity Imperative DVD (DS)

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The Clarity Imperative
Program Length: 20 minutes.

What makes an organization, team or department stand out? Typically, it's things like clarity of purpose, a strong culture and alignment around where the group is headed. This program provides a simple but powerful methodology for getting people on the same page, so that this kind of clarity and cohesiveness can emerge.

...How Getting Everyone On the Same Page Makes Your Organization Stand Out

The world's most successful teams and organizations have one thing in common: Clarity. In these groups, everyone knows and can articulate what they do, the direction in which they're moving and what the culture is really all about.

In The Clarity Imperative, noted speaker John Jenson uses a variety of inspirational stories to introduce viewers to the importance of "consistent messaging". He shows that when people within a group or organization share the same understanding of "what we do", of "our culture" and "our direction" -- to the point where they can succinctly express these things to others -- they are easily able to walk their talk. Ultimately, the group separates itself from those that are trying to be all things to everybody.

Real-world employees from organizations in such diverse industries as food service, real estate, manufacturing, finance and healthcare provide examples of clarity in action. The essence of a brand lies in its consistency and this timely program gives much needed help to those who have been searching for an effective way to align the organization around a clear message despite ever-changing conditions.

Use of this program can lead to: 

  • Effective Talent Management
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Improved Sales and Customer Loyalty

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed), and Chinese (subtitled)