Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions DVD

Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions DVD

Constructive disagreements add value as they help employees compromise and calculate better decisions based on input from others. However, conflict becomes destructive when anger, jealousy, and other strong emotions turn the focus away from problem-solving and toward personal attacks.

While acknowledging serious, yet common sources of conflict, Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions serves as an entertaining video providing eight specific, reliable solutions. Help put aside personal differences, so you can control your emotions, and move forward.

Use this conflict management video to reduce workplace conflict and help employees learn these conflict resolution skills that improve collaboration, compromise, and creativity.

Eight Conflict Management Training Skills:

  1. Responding with empathy
  2. Active listening
  3. Setting a limit
  4. Finding something to agree with
  5. Using “I” language instead of “You” language
  6. Disengaging to cool off
  7. Appealing to mutual self-interest
  8. Attacking the problem, not the person

    There will always be conflict, but destructive conflict can ruin relationships among workers, interfere with productivity, destroy teamwork, and contribute to employee absenteeism and turnover. The secret is learning to manage it successfully. Doing so empowers you to take control of your life—and career.

    Video Length: 17 Minutes.