Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World Game

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A computer-based game For teams. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to comprehend your emotions and manage them effectively. Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World is a new computer-driven training game that offers a fun, interactive way to learn about each of the 5 EI skills.
Includes a Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World Unlimited License. Install Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World on an unlimited number of computers within one organization. The game trains up to 6 participants per computer. We provide you with simple instructions and a link for downloading the game. Access to the game is immediate, so there is no waiting for delivery of CD's to damage or lose.
The Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World game includes:
  • Introduction
  • Game
  • Debrief files in PowerPoint format
  • Downloads for the reproducible personal development and facilitator guides
The Personal Development Guide includes:
  • Rights to unlimited distribution
  • Emotional intelligence Participant Guide
  • Summary of the five emotional intelligence dimensions
  • Personal growth and development activities
The Facilitator Guide includes:
  • Game overview
  • Administrative guidelines
  • A guide to the game challenges
  • Emotional intelligence model
  • Technical information
  • Self-scoring emotional intelligence participant guide
  • Action planning questions
  • References and Resources

Note: Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World is a Windows PC-based learning game authored in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.
For full operating instructions, system compatibility and software configuration requirements, <ahref="https:"" assets="" downloadables="" emo-intel-world-game-instructions-readme.pdf"="" target="_blank">please view the README.PDF document here.