Customer Service - the Telephone Connection DVD

Customer Service - the Telephone Connection DVD

Excellent telephone customer service is a refined skill requiring dedication and enthusiasm. Your voice, responsiveness, and product knowledge are the only tools you have to convey the right impression and build customer loyalty over the telephone.

However, you won't always get a second chance once your customer hangs up. Leave every customer with an excellent feeling and the desire to do reoccurring business using Customer Service - the Telephone Connection.

The "customer" aspect of telephone customer service:

  • The greeting
  • Listening skills
  • Telephone courtesy

The "service" aspect of telephone customer service

  • Product and system knowledge
  • Complaints
  • Problem-solving

Customer Service - the Telephone Connection portrays traditional and non-traditional customer service roles, ranging from a mail-order company to a medical setting, from a corporate admin to a warehouse supervisor. These different scenes show that everyone in the organization has customers — even if they are your "internal customer" coworkers.