Dealing With Conflict - DVD (DS)

Program Length: 20 minutes.
Conflict shifts the focus away from work and the basic goals of the team, department andorganization, negatively impacting productivity and ultimately, the bottom line. Surveys show that managers now spend about 20 percent of their time on conflict resolution. And employees —now carrying the increased responsibilities of such programs as empowerment and quality management — are more vulnerable to conflict than ever. As employees are asked to become more self-directed, to contribute their opinions and communicate with a greater variety of people, they need ready access to their own conflict management skills.
Based on the world-famous Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, this program offers proven methods for recognizing and resolving conflict by dramatizing three scenarios that highlight the five positions taken by most people during contentious situations: avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, and collaborating.
While the skills and insights presented here will enhance management's ability to resolve conflicts, they are for all employees -- enabling everyone to work through conflicts with less dependence on superiors. These interpersonal skills have never been more needed by the workforce - or more valuable to the organization in its pursuit of objectives.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Proven methods for recognizing conflict
  • The five most valuable methods of conflict resolution
  • The two basic dimension of human behavior in conflict situations
  • How to take responsibility for conflict and its resolution


DVD plus Downloadable Leader's Guide