Fun is Good! - DVD (DS)

Fun is Good!
Program Length: 13 minutes.
Employees who have fun at work are more productive, have better morale, and don't quit. But what kind of fun? This video shows how the Saint Paul Saints, a minor league team in Minnesota, has cultivated the right kind of fun for fantastic results.

When's the last time you had fun at work? If you can't remember, you're missing out on more than just a few laughs. Go behind the scenes with the Saint Paul Saints, a minor league baseball team that lives its motto: "Fun Is Good"
Visit a workplace where a costumed pig tosses out the balls, "ushertainers" serenade you in the stands and games are always sold out. See firsthand just how much fun, when combined with commitment, relates to organizational success and personal satisfaction.
Fun is Good! will teach your employees to:

  • Uncover people's passion
  • Promote positive attitudes
  • Show they care
Having fun on the job makes these employees more creative, more productive, and ultimately more satisfied. They don't take themselves too seriously. They treat each other with respect. And they make every day an event.

: English, Spanish (dubbed), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), and Chinese Traditional (subtitled).