General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied?(and just plain keeping them) - DVD (DS)

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General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied? (and just plain keeping them) 
Program Length: 20 minutes. 

Most patient complaints have nothing to do with medical issues and arise because patients feel they aren't being listened to, or that their questions and concerns are unimportant. This entertaining and engaging video will teach your healthcare employees how easy and satisfying it is to offer high-quality patient care.

Comprised of seven mini-episodes, General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied (and just plain keeping them) depicts a "day-in-the-life" of a hospital patient beginning with her admission, and continuing through her discharge. This engaging program illustrates lackluster interactions between the patient and healthcare professionals, followed by actively caring interactions -- a juxtaposition that neatly drives home what an enormous difference a shift in focus can mean to patient and staff alike.
This practical and entertaining training program offers customer service tips, details exceptional patient care behaviors, and highlights a vision of care for any medical facility serious about delivering top-quality care to each and every patient.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Avoid jargon and give patients all the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Ease patients' anxiety
  • Solicit patients' problems
  • Avoid making negative comments
  • Respect patients' privacy and safeguard confidentiality
  • Practice service recovery by listening, apologizing and resolving problems

Filled with customer service tips your staff can put to use immediately, this video does more than just teach specific skills, it provides your team with a vision of what your facility can be.