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The GO Team Reproducible Courseware Libraries is a team-training resource supporting brand new teams as well as seasoned teams. Each module of GO Team takes between two and four hours to complete and requires very little setup. Don't have a training room? No worries. Have the team take a long lunch in the break room and work through a module of GO Team together! There are no PowerPoints and no lectures. All of the learning is active, dialogue-based, and driven by the members of the team.

GO Team®:
Complete Reproducible Library

GO Team is an 18-module team-training resource that supports all kinds of teams, including brand new teams as well as teams that have been together for a while. It's a just-in-time training resource, which means that you select the module that is most urgent to the team.

The complete GO Team library allows you to use any of the 18 powerful and flexible learning modules whenever your team needs them. Using a range of learning approaches that support all team types, teams are continually engaged, constantly challenged, and always developing toward higher performance.

The GO Team library is your Swiss Army Knife of team development, and with all 18 easy-to-deliver modules included, the complete GO Team library allows you to meet your teams' exact needs. Delivered to you in a fully reproducible pdf file, each GO Team module includes the facilitator guide, "fast start" podcast, and participant guide, so you will have the team training you need. A Facilitator Playbook with facilitating tips is also included in the complete GO Team library.

GO Team is a library of 18 team-focused topics (or modules), divided into three levels.

  • Level 1: Setup for Success
    These are the fundamentals of teamwork. But don't assume these are for "beginner" teams! Many experienced teams find that they have never worked through these important teambuilding blocks. ("Oh, so maybe that's why we've been struggling...!")

    • Module 1: Getting Grounded in Team Basics
    • Module 2: Creating Team Operating Guidelines
    • Module 3: Establishing Team Purpose & Goals
    • Module 4: Clarifying Team Roles
    • Module 5: Building on Style Differences
    • Module 6: Assessing the Team
  • Level 2: Go Team!
    Some issues just seem to pop up every day in the work with the team. These are the core topics that come with the territory.
    • Module 7: Enhancing Team Communication
    • Module 8: Running Effective Team Meetings
    • Module 9: Making Team Decisions
    • Module 10: Avoiding Groupthink
    • Module 11: Resolving Team Conflict
    • Module 12: Solving Team Issues
  • Level 3: See You at the Top
    Ready for high performance? These topics aren't only for mature teams; they're for any team that wishes to unleash the "group genius" that is a unique product of teams.
    • Module 13: Building Team Trust
    • Module 14: Giving & Receiving Feedback
    • Module 15: Sharing Leadership
    • Module 16: Sparking Team Creativity
    • Module 17: Managing Change
    • Module 18: Leveraging Team Learning

GO Team® For Leaders:
Complete Reproducible Team Leader Library

GO Team® for Leaders is built on the same great content as the GO Team Library. Delivered to you in a fully reproducible PDF file, each of the seven modules in the GO Team for Leaders line includes the Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide so you will have leader training you need, whenever you need it. There is no "correct" sequence to the modules so you can choose the topics right for your team, build your own training agenda, and print and facilitate whatever you need!

  • MODULE 1: Getting Grounded in Team Basics
    In this module, leaders will be able to identify the characteristics of the best teams by exploring types of teams and the different stages that teams experience.
  • MODULE 2: Building on Style Differences
    Based on the powerful work of Dr. Linda Berens, team leaders will explore their naturally preferred styles of interacting with others and develop an understanding and appreciation of the different styles of others. With this knowledge, leaders will be able to make changes to the ways they work within the team so that they can benefit from the individual styles of each member.
  • MODULE 3: Enhancing Team Communication
    Many times the expectation is that communication will 'just happen', but in a team, communication must be a purposeful activity. In this module, team leaders will explore the disciplines of advocacy and inquiry to create conversations that can transform communication into more than just transferring information. Conversations become a source of learning, innovation, and transformation.
  • MODULE 4: Running Effective Team Meetings
    Meetings are one of the primary processes of working within a team, yet ineffective meetings occur all too often. Team leaders can help make meetings into a powerful opportunity for getting real work done by utilizing the tools from this module. With the GO Team® meeting planning tool participants can keep meetings on task and on time, as well as assess the effectiveness of the meeting.
  • MODULE 5: Avoiding Groupthink
    Is there a dark side of a well-functioning team? There can be. While a cohesive team may sound like an ideal group, your team may be vulnerable to groupthink. Determine the vulnerability of your team to groupthink and develop a plan to ensure that groupthink is not a danger in your team.
  • MODULE 6: Sparking Team Creativity
    Your team is full of creative people. Don't believe it? Then work through this module as a team. You'll discover that creativity is not a magical thing reserved for a gifted few. Instead, it's a discipline and a process that any team can exercise at any time. Next time the team needs to generate new opportunities and new ways of thinking, make this module a part of the work agenda. You won't believe the creative brilliance that you produce!

    Your team will:
    • Explore a disciplined process for exercising creative thinking (even if members don’t consider themselves "creative!")
    • Consider the different roles and individual strengths that different team members bring to the creative process
    • Work through a four-part model that leads team members through the creative process – from defining an opportunity to brainstorming creative solutions, to making plans for building the idea, and ultimately to ensuring its effective implementation
  • MODULE 7: Managing Change
    Your team will experience change. Change is complex, and some changes are more significant than others. It's time to get past the discomfort of change and begin embracing change as an opportunity for growth, innovation, and performance. Using the road map to change participants will explore, analyze, and identify change, then create a plan of action for navigating effectively through the change.